Could I get one of each Espeon, plus Slowking & Slowbro to the UK please? :)


Please send $7.89 to for the cards! (And shipping in a bubblemailer to UK! :D)

(Deleted comment)
Please send $4.42 for Espeon to, please! :D

Can I have a Wobbuffet, Gengar, and Misdrevious to 75214 pls~ :D

$9 to please! :D

ooo.. I think I'll take one of the holo suicune's. :3 How much to 34743? ^^

Are you interested in trades? I'd like one of each Espeon, and maaaaybe one of each Rocket Beasts.

I am interested in trades, but only if you have anything from the VS expansion, Fire/Water type Pokémon! :D

do you have an espeon left?

prefer sabrina's, but wouldn't mind both if you have

Are (either) Espeon available?

Well, there is one Sabrina's Espeon left, however, it is on hold. I can let you know in 24 hours though ^_^.

How much would it be for one of each of the vs series cards? Are you willing to cut any deals for them all? :) Thanks!

You're looking at 38 cards! :D


34 Non-Holo at $1=$34
3 Holo at $5=$15
1 Holo at $4=$4




So your total would be $53.66 in USA and $54.62 in any other country! to! :D

This includes any VS card that is not sold or on hold! :D

I can see someone has posted above me, looks like I'm too slow xD But I'm after quite a few cards, depending which are left, including one each of the beasts if still available, and quite a few of the others.

Obviously depends on what is left, though. I was also going to ask if you did holds, because if you didn't I'm going to have to figure out how to attach my credit card to paypal xD

My policy is generally to update the list with what I have left after a payment has been made, so as soon as the above person pays, I will update the list, let you know here, and then you can let me know if there is anything left that you want. ^___^

Oh man, I didn't see that Lanturn before! And now I'm tempted to buy some Black/White cards too. XD Could I get these to US 33433, please:
Lt.Surge's Lanturn
Lance's Aerodactyl

Total is $6.98 to which covers shipping in a bubblemailer! Thanks! :D

So~ I'd love the Yanappu, Baoppu, and Hiyappu cards to 36830! :)

Also, did we win the Banpresto strap auction? :0

$3.53 to


And we lost. :( Sorry! D:

Ahah I'm back :D May I ask for a quote for both Xatu cards? :) to 75214

oops! One of each, that is :D

How much would 1 churin and 2 doredia be to 74114

(Deleted comment)
Yuniran, Daburan, and Ranculus cards please! To 31401

One of each I mean, haha.

How much would it be for 1 each of svivy and oshawott and there evolution lines to 35757?

(Deleted comment)
Could I please get a Shikijika to 01569?

Oh, and Erufuun as well please!

Could I get:

Meguroko (both series)
Waruvile (both series)

To UK please!

Can you specify the series you want Koromori, Oshawott, etc from? :D


Can I get a quote for a:
Kurumiru :D

to 91765

Sorry I haven't replied yet!

I think some of the cards you have requested have been sold, but I'm not too sure yet, so I will quote you in a few hours if that's ok. Sorry!

Zorua and Zoroark please, 75006 USA

$4.01 to

Carrddsss :D

From the new white collection, Snivy, Janovy, Jalorda, Washibon and Wargle to 28409 please!

$5.87 to


How much for one of the Shikijikas to 75137?

$2.21 to


how much for zurugu and zuruzkin to the UK?

$3.51 to


How much for just chillarmy to 32312?

$2.12 to

Could I have one of each of these: Churine, Doredia, Yuniran, Daburan, Rankurusu, Pendora and his whole line, and the whole Kurumiru line please? :'D

I can do that, less Kurumiru. Do you still want to buy the others? :D

I really like a lot of the black collection..
I'd like to know if the following are still available:
Bachurux2 - white collection
Rankurusu - white collection

and how much to 95062?

I'm sorry

Bachuru is no longer available.

New Total depends on what kind of Futachumaru you want!


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