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Awesome collections!
I am totally jealous of your Gizamimi Pichu collection.
I couldn't resist Giza Pichu anymore and I've started collecting Pichu myself. :D

Awesome collections! Love all the Kibagos. They're so cute. ;w;

I know, right? :D It is my fav. of Gen V!

Gizamimi, Zorua, and Tepig = awesomeness. :D Love your collections! I accidentally Tepig also.. It's just too cute!

In the first Zorua picture, what's the keychain(I think) Zorua in the box with its mouth open?


That keychain is (I believe) from a Banpresto promotion called "Ichiban Kuji". I think the promotion gives out keychains, plush, and other cool prizes. I got it from a store called "Animé Raro". I hope this helps!

Adorable!! I recently got my first pokabu/tepig and I love it a lot. Fantastic collection!

Glad to hear it! And thank you! :D

Awesome collections. Those plushies are so cute.^^

Ooh, nice to see another Axew collector!

And thanks to your photo, I can now tell the difference between the Namco UFO (which I have) and the other Banprestos (which I don't). Guess I'd better pick them up!

Ah, *Salutes*!

That's good. I thought they were basically the same too, but when a Group Buy came up for the L-Size Namco Axew, it looked different, so I got it, and it turned out to be pretty different in person! Thanks!

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