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1st Quarter of 2011 Collection Update
 WOW, it has been a long time since I have done a collection update. See the cut! :D

Let's go least exciting to most exciting! :D So, first up is Gizamimi Pichu:

Quite frankly, I do not think I've made any new additions to Giza since I last updated. It's possible that I've never had the American Pokédoll or the Headband before though, :).


Zorua has been the main target of my collection until I'd say December. However new additions include the Retsuden Stamp and the Sukui Doll.

Pokabu Line!

I accidentally Tepig! ;_: I really didn't want to collect it at first, being a starter and all, but I just cannot resist the power of Pokabu! Especially its evolutions. I have an Emboar Pokédoll on the way, which looks fabulous! The poor DX Tomy Emboar is covered with tags, lol. I really didn't want to get anything Tepig, but the Pokedoll and Sukui dolls were too cute to resist. :3

Last but not least...AXEW AND DRILBUR!

THIS is my main focus right now as a Pokemon Collector! :D The Axew merchandise just keeps coming, so I am trying to limit myself on generic figures, but Drilbur, on the other hand, is getting not as much merch, so I hope it gets a Pokedoll, or other plush, soon! My favorite Axew item has got to be the Pokedoll, and on the Drilbur side, I'd have to say...the kid! Why not, it is probably the cutest thing I have so far! :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this collection update. Hopefully, next time around I will have a better camera and be able to take better pictures. Have a good day! :D

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Awesome collections!
I am totally jealous of your Gizamimi Pichu collection.
I couldn't resist Giza Pichu anymore and I've started collecting Pichu myself. :D

Awesome collections! Love all the Kibagos. They're so cute. ;w;

I know, right? :D It is my fav. of Gen V!

Gizamimi, Zorua, and Tepig = awesomeness. :D Love your collections! I accidentally Tepig also.. It's just too cute!

In the first Zorua picture, what's the keychain(I think) Zorua in the box with its mouth open?


That keychain is (I believe) from a Banpresto promotion called "Ichiban Kuji". I think the promotion gives out keychains, plush, and other cool prizes. I got it from a store called "Animé Raro". I hope this helps!

Adorable!! I recently got my first pokabu/tepig and I love it a lot. Fantastic collection!

Glad to hear it! And thank you! :D

Awesome collections. Those plushies are so cute.^^

Ooh, nice to see another Axew collector!

And thanks to your photo, I can now tell the difference between the Namco UFO (which I have) and the other Banprestos (which I don't). Guess I'd better pick them up!

Ah, *Salutes*!

That's good. I thought they were basically the same too, but when a Group Buy came up for the L-Size Namco Axew, it looked different, so I got it, and it turned out to be pretty different in person! Thanks!

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