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BW02 Zukan Shipping Due!/BW4 Kids Confirmation
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene
Well, to my Zukan people, they have arrived~! here are your shipping totals! :D

rentorar : Snivy Line ($3.98) INTERNATIONAL
little_ledyba : Pidove Male/Pidove Female Lines ($6.02) INTERNATIONAL, ($5.50) USA
espeon_lover : Minccino Line ($3.98) INTERNATIONAL, ($3.08) USA
mariahpixie : Darumaka Line ($3.98 INTERNATIONAL, ($3.08) USA

Please pay ASAP to with the subject: BW02 Zukan Shipping Payment (Username, Zukan Bought)!!

Also, to my BW4 Kids people, the kids have come out, so I should be getting them in a week-10 days. I need to, however, confirm that you are still interested. If you do not confirm within 3 days from this post, I will assume that you have deserted your claim, and leave negative feedback...

Servine: rgmusashi  , shayminlove  
Pansear: jerybunny  , zoroarcade  
Panpour: sir_develon   , megami36  
Sawsbuck: fernchu  , technicolorcage 
Scolipede: tagami_yami   , garefowl  , (pogaf  )
Foongus: zeldana   , breaks_ground  
Dwebble: aburamechan  , sir_develon  
Scraggy: li_kichi  , winter_sonata1  
Trubbish: yellowmudkip  , likeatruck  
Swadloon: heatrotomftw97  , omgitslph  
Litwick: poly_rhythm  , li_kichi  
Frillish (Male): aburamechan  
Emolga: winter_sonata1  , punkspacewafers 

Remember, each kid is $8.75-$9 (depending on exchange rate when I pay for shipping) shipped, anywhere on planet earth! Please just say "confirmed", or something of that likeness once you are confirmed! Thanks! Also, remember: If you are first in line, you are basically set for the kid; second in line, if I get a double, or if the first person deserts, it is yours. Also, Klink and Tranquill and a second Frillish are still up for grabs! Take them please! :D


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