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August Set Kids Reservations
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene
This is my post for the August Set Kids! I have slightly changed the rules of my pre-orders, so even if you've pre-ordered with me before, I advise reading the rules:


1. Since February 2011, I have given members of PKMNCollectors the opportunity to pre-order kids at a fair price. Since that time, only about 3 people have ever disappeared and not paid me, 2 of which later came back and apologized. As such, I expect that you will not back out of your claims under ANY circumstances. Please plan carefully.

2. Usually, the kids arrive at my house about 1 week after the shelf release date in Japan. Once I get the kids, I usually post asking people for payments on the same day. I expect payment within THREE (3) (72 hours) from my posting asking for payments. If I do not receive word from you by then, I will leave negative feedback. Sorry for the strictness, but it is the only way to ensure I get payments. Keep in mind I front money for these.

3. You can expect that I ship your kids within 10 business days from your payment. Usually 5. This is because the only day I ship is Saturday, and it takes time to pack 30+ orders of kids carefully.

4. Shipping discounts: They sometimes happen. I get my bubble-mailers from a wholesaler who does not always get the same sizes in, so depending on the sizes he has when the kids come in, there will be shipping discounts. Keep in mind, though, they will not be more than $0.50/kid.


1. I am taking reservations for the above set of kids. They will come in sometime during late August or early September.
2. I will be opening up SIX slots for each kid. Keep in mind that the first three slots for any kid are guaranteed, and the next three slots have about a 75-80% chance. This means that unless I say that you are slots 1-3, you are not guaranteed a kid, but rather given a VERY good chance at one. 80% of the time I meet the demand. I will be opening up SIX slots for each kid. Keep in mind that the first three slots for any kid are guaranteed, and the next three slots have about a 40-50% chance. This means unless I say that you are slots 1-3, your kids are NOT guaranteed. Keep in mind, however, that with a set of only 12 kids, I will get 6 of nearly every kid.
3. If you order three kids, and I can only get one or two of them, you are still accountable for those 1-2 kids.
4. Now for prices: The prices on these kids are still $9.50 within the USA SHIPPED, but are now $10 outside the USA. This is due to the fact that shipping rates have risen recently. Sorry about that! :(
4a. Exceptions to pricing, any of the bottom row kids (Zoroark, Zorua, Deerling, Pikachu) are $6.50 shipped in the USA, $7 outside USA.
5. Please comment below with any of the kids you want, along with your ZIP code or country. This makes it much, much easier to process your orders.
7. Payments are not due until I get the kids in August/September.
8. I am claiming slot 1 of Meloetta Pirouette Forme, Emboar, Fraxure, and Zorua.


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Please may I order fraxure, pikachu and deerling to the UK?

Hi can i claim a fraxure please? Shipping is to the UK!

Can I order a braviary please~?
to 48133 usa

May I claim a Black Kyurem to US 23060?

A Scrafty for US 70003 please.

Can I claim a summer deerling to 20136 please?

Can I claim two Scrafty kids? Or just one? If only one then that is fine, I don't want to be a hog and claim 1/3 of them ^^

Oh, and that would be to US 33458 (or possibly 33478 if we end up moving by August, I'll let you know)

Put me down for Scrafty and Zorua please! I'm in the US, 60188.

Deerling, please! edit: to the US!

Also, I know I asked this on your other post, but would it be possible to add a Resolute Keldeo kid to my order (if you have any available)? Thank you! C:

Edited at 2012-08-15 06:08 pm (UTC)

Sure! When the August set comes in I'll check to see if I have any Resolutdeos left. :D

Zoroark, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, please. Zip: 44312

Thanks. :D

Scrafty please :)
And I am in Slovakia, thanks!

Edited at 2012-06-14 08:40 pm (UTC)

Hi! I'd love to be put down for a Braviary (to Australia please and thank you ! :) )

Are there any more slots for Emboar? To the UK please

Can I claim a step form meloetta to Australia please?

I'd like a Zoroark please! To the US ^_^

Edited at 2012-06-14 11:30 pm (UTC)

I'd like to be put down for a Braviary. :D

However, I have a question first: when in August do these come out? I may be on vacation when they do, and as such unable to pay immediately. (It's only a week-long vacation, though.)

Zoroark please! US: 01027

I'd like a Scrafty and Zoroark please! :D US 03060.

If possible, I'd like to request a Zoroark~! Shipping would be to 94510. :3 Thank you very much!

Scrafty to 55429 please ;v;

zoroark and zorua to 38002 please!

Can I get meloetta to the UK plz

Emboar and White Kyurem to 45244 please :)

1 Braviary reserve, please, to 32762 USA. :)

(Deleted comment)
I would LOVE Tympole to 63105!

Zoroark to 60137 please! :3

Hi! I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed a post about the money for this being due.

I'm actually making a post for it right now!

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