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Gizamimi Pichu Collection Update!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene
Well, the collection is growing pretty fast ever since I joined this community! I have aquired a lot of stuff over the past month :D.

So, here are the pics :D:

The Kid I got in a store called Lawson's while I was in Japan, the Plate UFO Ver. 1 I bought in a GA with trainer_irene, the bag I got off a Y!J Auction, and the TOMY figure I got from Gin AKA Heerosferret!

The Cylinder Pillow I got from a member on here, but I do not remember your name! I am terribly sorry. The Pokedoll I got while in Tokyo, along with several other Japanese children. The TOMY Plush I got from shiningraikou.

Now we have one of my favorite Gizamimi's <3. I got this little guy in Osaka right after pigging out at the local McDonalds xP. 

AND the Gizamimi Pichu Zukan! I got this guy off eBay.

Yay! Group photo! I love my Gizamimi's so much. My two "Grails" at the moment are (from most wanted to least wanted):

1. Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu LARGE Plush
2. Gizamimi Large TOMY Plush

I have a couple of things incoming soon too. The Gizamimi UFO from this year's Plush Collection, and the Halloween Pin from Heerosferret :D. I am looking forward to seeing this collection grow!

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I saw you post over at pkmncollectors asking about different Igglybuff items. So, I did a quick search to see if anything came up. Well, I have not been approved for membership yet and you don't have PM's enabled so I thought I'd post what I found here. I hope you don't mind. These are all Yahoo Japan auction links so you can go save the pictures:

Igglybuff eraser:
Sticker (not entirely sure):
Sticker (?) 2:
Sticker (?) 3:

There is also a Igglybuff pokedoll (

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much for telling me!! I do not mind at all.

Oh my goodness!! *0* I love it!! Especially that round pillow!! I, too collect Gizamimi ^v^

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