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Heat Rotom's Sale Oven! (PERMA SALES POST!)

This is my permanent sales post!


1. If you would like to buy anything, please comment in this post with your ZIP Code/Country.
2. All Packages are Shipped on Saturdays, from California, USA. I usually ship packages within a week, two weeks tops.
3. Trades not accepted at this point.
4. I ship all packages via USPS mail. 
4.a. If you do not live in the United States, please add $1 to all "SHIPPED" prices.
5. I am not liable for damage that happens once the package has leaved my hands.
6. Prices are for ONE (1) item and DO NOT include shipping unless noted.
7. CNTRL/Command-F is your friend! I, of course, offer shipping discounts.
8. Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse in July 2009. Feedback is here.

Kids: $3 each Unless Otherwise Noted! (PLUS shipping)

Haxorus x0: $3.50 SOLD!
Excadrill x3: $3.50
Bisharp x3: $3.50
Gothorita x0: $3.50 SOLD

Duosion x3
Eelektross x0 (SOLD)
Shelmet x3
Gigalith x2
Mienfoo x0 SOLD!
Pawniard x2
Cubchoo x4
Autumn Deerling x4

Landorus x5
Tornadus x1
Thundurus x1
Eelektrik x1 
Amoonguss x3

0x Pikachu $2.50 (or FREE with purchase of 2 other kids) SOLD!
0x Zoroark $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids) SOLD!
1x Zekrom $5
1x Oshawott $4
0x Pansear $4 SOLD!
2x Klinklang $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids)
2x Beartic $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids)
0x Zebstrika $6 (SOLD)
1x Haxorus $5

Cobalion x2 $5
Hydreigon x0 $6 (SOLD)
Seismitoad x4 $5
Karrablast x0 $6 SOLD!
Escavalier x2 $5
Sigilyph x3 $5
Unfeazant (Male) x4 $4
Gurdurr x3 $5
Jellicent (Male) x2 $4
Boldore x3 $5
Crustle x1 $5

Throh x2 $7
Sawk x4 $7
Simipour x1 $7
Simisear x1 $7
Conkeldurr x1 $7
Unfeazant (Female) $6

Zukan: $7 SHIPPED Unless Otherwise Noted

Emboar x6
Liepard x12
Simisage x18
Tornadus x24: $5 SHIPPED
Thundurus x20: $5 SHIPPED
Landorus x23: $5 SHIPPED
Set of All 6 Zukan: $32 plus shipping

Cards: Prices, Of Course, Vary...

Venasaur x4: $1.50
Blaziken x2: $1.50
Volcarona x2: $1.50
Empoleon x5: $1.50
Eelektross x5: $1.50
Zoroark x3: $1.50
Krookodile x3: $1.50
Klinklang x5: $1.50
Blissey x4: $1.50
EnteiEX x0: $7 (SOLD)

RegigigasEX (Non FA): $10 SOLD!
KyuremEX (Non FA): $10 SOLD!
KyuremEX (FA): $15

Hydreigon Deck: $25 SHIPPED
Garchomp Deck: $25 SHIPPED

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

HeatRotomFTW97's Feedback

・Q3 2009-Q1 2010 (link) 13 Positive Feedback. No Negative/Neutral.
・Q1 2010-Q3 2011 (link) 64 Positive Feedback. No Negative/Neutral.
・Q3 2011-Q4 2011 (link) 2 Positive Feedback. No Negative/Neutral.


My OTHER Feedback
・eBay (link) 66 Positive Feedback. No Negative/Neutral.
・Pokébeach (link) 115 Positive Feedback. No Negative/Neutral.


Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Charon's Cove: Pokémon Cards Sales Post PERMANENT!

Pokémon Card Game Sales Post! GO! (Click Here for Condition Guide!)

EDIT 1: Nov. 27, 2010: I found some more of Whitney's cards, as well as some cards with Pokémon "owned" by Jasmine, Lt. Surge, and Janine! :D Also, I updated the post with cards from the Black and White starter decks! Check them out!         

EDIT 2: December 23, 2010: Added BW era cards today! Prices are as follows!

Trainer's Cards: $0.30
"C" Cards: $0.50
"U" Cards: $0.75
"R" Holo Cards: $1.75
"SR" Holo Cards: $18.95

EDIT 3: April 16, 2011: Added Battle Strength Deck Cards!!! Prices=Next to each character/trainer~!

EDIT 4: June 25, 2011: Added some Battle Theme Deck Victini cards!!! Prices=Next to the card(s) in question!

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Pokémon Card Game BW: Red Collection

Look for singles on July 23, 2011! :D


1. I ship anywhere
2. Put your ZIP/country in comment if you are interested in buying! :D
3. Prices are for ONE CARD
4. Have fun!
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August Set Kids Reservations

This is my post for the August Set Kids! I have slightly changed the rules of my pre-orders, so even if you've pre-ordered with me before, I advise reading the rules:


1. Since February 2011, I have given members of PKMNCollectors the opportunity to pre-order kids at a fair price. Since that time, only about 3 people have ever disappeared and not paid me, 2 of which later came back and apologized. As such, I expect that you will not back out of your claims under ANY circumstances. Please plan carefully.

2. Usually, the kids arrive at my house about 1 week after the shelf release date in Japan. Once I get the kids, I usually post asking people for payments on the same day. I expect payment within THREE (3) (72 hours) from my posting asking for payments. If I do not receive word from you by then, I will leave negative feedback. Sorry for the strictness, but it is the only way to ensure I get payments. Keep in mind I front money for these.

3. You can expect that I ship your kids within 10 business days from your payment. Usually 5. This is because the only day I ship is Saturday, and it takes time to pack 30+ orders of kids carefully.

4. Shipping discounts: They sometimes happen. I get my bubble-mailers from a wholesaler who does not always get the same sizes in, so depending on the sizes he has when the kids come in, there will be shipping discounts. Keep in mind, though, they will not be more than $0.50/kid.


1. I am taking reservations for the above set of kids. They will come in sometime during late August or early September.
2. I will be opening up SIX slots for each kid. Keep in mind that the first three slots for any kid are guaranteed, and the next three slots have about a 75-80% chance. This means that unless I say that you are slots 1-3, you are not guaranteed a kid, but rather given a VERY good chance at one. 80% of the time I meet the demand. I will be opening up SIX slots for each kid. Keep in mind that the first three slots for any kid are guaranteed, and the next three slots have about a 40-50% chance. This means unless I say that you are slots 1-3, your kids are NOT guaranteed. Keep in mind, however, that with a set of only 12 kids, I will get 6 of nearly every kid.
3. If you order three kids, and I can only get one or two of them, you are still accountable for those 1-2 kids.
4. Now for prices: The prices on these kids are still $9.50 within the USA SHIPPED, but are now $10 outside the USA. This is due to the fact that shipping rates have risen recently. Sorry about that! :(
4a. Exceptions to pricing, any of the bottom row kids (Zoroark, Zorua, Deerling, Pikachu) are $6.50 shipped in the USA, $7 outside USA.
5. Please comment below with any of the kids you want, along with your ZIP code or country. This makes it much, much easier to process your orders.
7. Payments are not due until I get the kids in August/September.
8. I am claiming slot 1 of Meloetta Pirouette Forme, Emboar, Fraxure, and Zorua.

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Pokemon Kids BW Kimewaza Reservations

Hi, everyone! I have decided to pull 2 boxes of Kimewaza kids, and I will be putting them up for grabs here! :D

Each kid will go for the flat rate of $9, shipped anywhere in the world, so that is a flat price, shipping included. You will pay for your claim when I post at the end of May when I post. If you desert, I WILL leave negative feedback, as this is a monetary commitment! :D

Since I am pulling two boxes, please note that I will take up to four people for each kid. The odds are that one and two are guaranteed, and three and four are about a 20% chance, but it does happen with 3-4 of the kids, no guarantees on which one(s). Please claim what you want below!:

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Please be ready to pay the $9 per kid when I post with totals! Thanks! <3

 NOTE: This is currently a rough draft of the post. If you see this on my personal journal, please do not try and claim any kids, as reservations do not open until the 6th of May.
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BW02 Zukan Shipping Due!/BW4 Kids Confirmation

Well, to my Zukan people, they have arrived~! here are your shipping totals! :D

rentorar : Snivy Line ($3.98) INTERNATIONAL
little_ledyba : Pidove Male/Pidove Female Lines ($6.02) INTERNATIONAL, ($5.50) USA
espeon_lover : Minccino Line ($3.98) INTERNATIONAL, ($3.08) USA
mariahpixie : Darumaka Line ($3.98 INTERNATIONAL, ($3.08) USA

Please pay ASAP to jandjsimonenterprises@gmail.com with the subject: BW02 Zukan Shipping Payment (Username, Zukan Bought)!!

Also, to my BW4 Kids people, the kids have come out, so I should be getting them in a week-10 days. I need to, however, confirm that you are still interested. If you do not confirm within 3 days from this post, I will assume that you have deserted your claim, and leave negative feedback...

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