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Charon's Cove: Pokémon Cards Sales Post PERMANENT!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene
Pokémon Card Game Sales Post! GO! (Click Here for Condition Guide!)

EDIT 1: Nov. 27, 2010: I found some more of Whitney's cards, as well as some cards with Pokémon "owned" by Jasmine, Lt. Surge, and Janine! :D Also, I updated the post with cards from the Black and White starter decks! Check them out!         

EDIT 2: December 23, 2010: Added BW era cards today! Prices are as follows!

Trainer's Cards: $0.30
"C" Cards: $0.50
"U" Cards: $0.75
"R" Holo Cards: $1.75
"SR" Holo Cards: $18.95

EDIT 3: April 16, 2011: Added Battle Strength Deck Cards!!! Prices=Next to each character/trainer~!

EDIT 4: June 25, 2011: Added some Battle Theme Deck Victini cards!!! Prices=Next to the card(s) in question!

Falkner's Pokémon!

x1 Togetic $1

Whitney's Pokémon!

x4 Persian $1
Lickitung $1
Furret $1

Morty's Pokémon!

x1 Misdreavous $1
x1 Gengar $1
x2 Hypno $1
Marowak $1
x3 Noctowl $1

Chuck's Pokémon!

x4 Donphan $1
Granbull $1
x5 Tauros $1
x2 Rhydon $1
x2 Poliwrath $1
x2 Primape $1

Sabrina's Pokémon!

x1 Espeon $1 BACK IN STOCK!!!! SOLD
x1 Xatu $1

Brock's Pokémon!

x2 Kabutops $1
x3 Omastar $1

Will's Pokémon!

x2 Girafarig $1
x1 Slowbro $1
x1 Espeon $1 SOLD!
x2 Xatu $1
x3 Jynx $1
x1 Exeggutor $1
x1 Slowking $1

Bruno's Pokémon
x2 Hitmontop $1
x5 Ursarang $1
x1 Hitmonchan $1
x2 Hitmonlee $1
x1 Machamp $1

Rocket's Pokémon!

x1 Suicune $5
Entei $5
Raikou $5
x1 Wobuffet $4

Lance's Pokémon!

Aerodactyl $1 SOLD!

Jasmine's Pokémon!

Ampharos $1
Electabuzz $1

Janine's Pokémon!

Crobat $1

Lt. Surge's Pokémon!

Lanturn $1 SOLD!

Pokémon Card Game BW: Beginning Set Cards!

Snivy $0.50 SOLD!
x1 Servine $1.25
Maractus $1
Pansage $0.50 SOLD!
x1 Tepig $0.50 SOLD
X3 Pignite $1.25
Darumaka $0.50 SOLD!
Pansear $0.50 SOLD!
x1 Oshawott $0.50
x1 Dewott $1.25
x1 Panpour $0.50 SOLD!
x1 Sandile $0.50
Krokorok $1.25 SOLD
x3 Venipede $0.50
x1 Whirlipede $1.25
x1 Woobat $0.50 SOLD
x1 Patrat $0.50 SOLD
x1 Lillipup $0.50
x1 Blitzle $0.50
x1 Zebstrika $1.25 SOLD
x1 Joltik $0.50 SOLD!

Pokémon Card Game BW: White Collection Cards

x2 Snivy (C)
x1 Servine (U)
x1 Serperior (R )SOLD
x2 Pansage (C)
x1 Simisage (U) SOLD
x1 Petilil (C)
x2 Lilligant (U)
x2 Maractus (C)

x1 Darumaka (C)
x3 Darmanitan (U)

x1 Oshawott (C)
x1 Dewott (U)
x1 Samurott (R) SOLD
x2 Panpour (C)
x1 Simipour (U)
x3 Alomomola (C)

x1 Joltik (C)
x1 Galvantula (U)
x1 Thundurus (R)

x1 Zekrom (SR)-S-O-L-D!

x1 Venipede (C)
x2 Whirlipede (U)
x1 Scolipede (U) SOLD
x3 Sigilyph (C)
x1 Solosis (C)
x1 Duosion (U)
x1 Reuiniclus (R)

x2 Timburr (C)
x3 Gurdurr (U)
x3 Throh (C)
x1 Sandile (C)SOLD
x1 Krokorok (U) SOLD
x1 Krookodile (R) SOLD

x1 Purrloin (C) SOLD!
x1 Liepard (U)
x2 Zorua
x1 Zoroark (R) SOLD

x2 Ferroseed (C)
x1 Ferrothorn (U)

x4 Patrat (C)
x2 Watchog (U)
x2 Lillipup (C)
x2 Herdier (U)
x1 Stoutland (U)
x3 Audino (C)
x1 Rufflet (U)
x1 Braviary (U)

x1 Revive
x1 Great Ball
x1 Full Heal
x1 Plus Power
x1 Pokémon Catcher
x1 Cheren

Pokémon Card Game BW: Black Collection Cards

x1 Sewaddle (C) SOLD
x1 Swadloon (U) SOLD
x1 Leavanny (U) SOLD!
x1 Cottonee (C)
x1 Whimsicott (U) SOLD
x1 Deerling (C) SOLD!

x1 Tepig (C) SOLD
x1 Pignite (U)

x1 Basculine (C)
x1 Ducklett (C)
x1 Swanna (U)
x1 Cubchoo (C) SOLD

x2 Blitzle (C)
x2 Zebstrika (U)

x1 Munna (C)SOLD
x1 Musharna (U) SOLD
x1 Woobat (C) SOLD
x1 Gothita (C)
x2 Gothorita (U)
x1 Gothitelle (R)

x1 Roggenrolla (C)
x1 Boldore (U)
x1 Drilbur (C)
x1 Excadrill (R)
x1 Sawk (C)

x1 Scraggy (C) SOLD
x1 Scrafty (U) SOLD
x1 Mandibuzz (U)

x1 Klink (C)
x2 Klang (U)

x1 Tranquill (C)
x1 Minccino (C) SOLD
x1 Bouffalant (U)

x1 Crush Hammer

Pokémon Card Game BW: Battle Strength Deck Cobalion

Klink $0.50
Zoroark $1 SOLD
Non-Holo Trainers $0.25
Bianca $1.50 (HOLO)

Pokémon Card Game BW: Battle Strength Deck Terakkion

Joltik SOLD
Galvantula SOLD
Gothita $0.50
Roggenrolla $0.50
Drilbur $0.50
Non-Holo Trainers $0.25
Bianca $1.50 (HOLO)

Pokémon Card Game BW: Battle Strength Deck Virizion

Cottonee $0.50
Darumaka $0.50
Darmanitan $1
Cubchoo $0.50 SOLD!
Non-Holo Trainers $0.25
Bianca (HOLO) $1.50

Pokémon Card Game BW: Battle Theme Deck Victini

Pansear x1 ($0.50)
Tynamo x1 ($0.50)
Yamask x1 ($0.50)
Elegym x1 ($0.50)
Great Ball x1 ($0.30)
Cheren x1 ($0.30)
Bianca x1 ($0.30)
Pokémon Card Game BW: Red Collection

Look for singles on July 23, 2011! :D


1. I ship anywhere
2. Put your ZIP/country in comment if you are interested in buying! :D
3. Prices are for ONE CARD
4. Have fun!

Could I get one of each Espeon, plus Slowking & Slowbro to the UK please? :)


Please send $7.89 to jaskensim@aol.com for the cards! (And shipping in a bubblemailer to UK! :D)

(Deleted comment)
Please send $4.42 for Espeon to jaskensim@aol.com, please! :D

Can I have a Wobbuffet, Gengar, and Misdrevious to 75214 pls~ :D

ooo.. I think I'll take one of the holo suicune's. :3 How much to 34743? ^^

Are you interested in trades? I'd like one of each Espeon, and maaaaybe one of each Rocket Beasts.

I am interested in trades, but only if you have anything from the VS expansion, Fire/Water type Pokémon! :D

do you have an espeon left?

prefer sabrina's, but wouldn't mind both if you have

Well, there is one Sabrina's Espeon left, however, it is on hold. I can let you know in 24 hours though ^_^.

How much would it be for one of each of the vs series cards? Are you willing to cut any deals for them all? :) Thanks!

You're looking at 38 cards! :D


34 Non-Holo at $1=$34
3 Holo at $5=$15
1 Holo at $4=$4




So your total would be $53.66 in USA and $54.62 in any other country! to jaskensim@aol.com! :D

This includes any VS card that is not sold or on hold! :D

I can see someone has posted above me, looks like I'm too slow xD But I'm after quite a few cards, depending which are left, including one each of the beasts if still available, and quite a few of the others.

Obviously depends on what is left, though. I was also going to ask if you did holds, because if you didn't I'm going to have to figure out how to attach my credit card to paypal xD

My policy is generally to update the list with what I have left after a payment has been made, so as soon as the above person pays, I will update the list, let you know here, and then you can let me know if there is anything left that you want. ^___^

Oh man, I didn't see that Lanturn before! And now I'm tempted to buy some Black/White cards too. XD Could I get these to US 33433, please:
Lt.Surge's Lanturn
Lance's Aerodactyl

Total is $6.98 to jaskensim@aol.com which covers shipping in a bubblemailer! Thanks! :D

So~ I'd love the Yanappu, Baoppu, and Hiyappu cards to 36830! :)

Also, did we win the Banpresto strap auction? :0

$3.53 to jaskensim@aol.com


And we lost. :( Sorry! D:

Ahah I'm back :D May I ask for a quote for both Xatu cards? :) to 75214

How much would 1 churin and 2 doredia be to 74114

(Deleted comment)
Yuniran, Daburan, and Ranculus cards please! To 31401

How much would it be for 1 each of svivy and oshawott and there evolution lines to 35757?

(Deleted comment)