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Heat Rotom's Sale Oven! (PERMA SALES POST!)
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

This is my permanent sales post!


1. If you would like to buy anything, please comment in this post with your ZIP Code/Country.
2. All Packages are Shipped on Saturdays, from California, USA. I usually ship packages within a week, two weeks tops.
3. Trades not accepted at this point.
4. I ship all packages via USPS mail. 
4.a. If you do not live in the United States, please add $1 to all "SHIPPED" prices.
5. I am not liable for damage that happens once the package has leaved my hands.
6. Prices are for ONE (1) item and DO NOT include shipping unless noted.
7. CNTRL/Command-F is your friend! I, of course, offer shipping discounts.
8. Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse in July 2009. Feedback is here.

Kids: $3 each Unless Otherwise Noted! (PLUS shipping)

Haxorus x0: $3.50 SOLD!
Excadrill x3: $3.50
Bisharp x3: $3.50
Gothorita x0: $3.50 SOLD

Duosion x3
Eelektross x0 (SOLD)
Shelmet x3
Gigalith x2
Mienfoo x0 SOLD!
Pawniard x2
Cubchoo x4
Autumn Deerling x4

Landorus x5
Tornadus x1
Thundurus x1
Eelektrik x1 
Amoonguss x3

0x Pikachu $2.50 (or FREE with purchase of 2 other kids) SOLD!
0x Zoroark $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids) SOLD!
1x Zekrom $5
1x Oshawott $4
0x Pansear $4 SOLD!
2x Klinklang $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids)
2x Beartic $3.00 (or FREE with purchase of 3 other kids)
0x Zebstrika $6 (SOLD)
1x Haxorus $5

Cobalion x2 $5
Hydreigon x0 $6 (SOLD)
Seismitoad x4 $5
Karrablast x0 $6 SOLD!
Escavalier x2 $5
Sigilyph x3 $5
Unfeazant (Male) x4 $4
Gurdurr x3 $5
Jellicent (Male) x2 $4
Boldore x3 $5
Crustle x1 $5

Throh x2 $7
Sawk x4 $7
Simipour x1 $7
Simisear x1 $7
Conkeldurr x1 $7
Unfeazant (Female) $6

Zukan: $7 SHIPPED Unless Otherwise Noted

Emboar x6
Liepard x12
Simisage x18
Tornadus x24: $5 SHIPPED
Thundurus x20: $5 SHIPPED
Landorus x23: $5 SHIPPED
Set of All 6 Zukan: $32 plus shipping

Cards: Prices, Of Course, Vary...

Venasaur x4: $1.50
Blaziken x2: $1.50
Volcarona x2: $1.50
Empoleon x5: $1.50
Eelektross x5: $1.50
Zoroark x3: $1.50
Krookodile x3: $1.50
Klinklang x5: $1.50
Blissey x4: $1.50
EnteiEX x0: $7 (SOLD)

RegigigasEX (Non FA): $10 SOLD!
KyuremEX (Non FA): $10 SOLD!
KyuremEX (FA): $15

Hydreigon Deck: $25 SHIPPED
Garchomp Deck: $25 SHIPPED

Hi, can I get a Cubchoo kid shipped to 30030? c:

Sure can! Please send $7.27 ($5 kid, $2.27 shipping/fees) to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com with the subject: "Sales Post: (mawaru)(Cubchoo Kid)"

Could I get a Haxorus kid to 55806 please?

Sure can! Please send $7.97 ($5.50 kid, $2.47 shipping/fees) to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com with the subject: "Sales Post: (rophil)(Haxorus Special Set Kid)"

Hmm, could I get a quote for the Emboar zukan to 48033 please? Would it still be a straight $10?

Edited at 2012-02-18 11:22 pm (UTC)

Yup, $10! Please send $10 to payments@jandjsimonenterprises.com and make sure your username/items are in the subject/memo. Thanks!! :D

Is the Japanese Entei EX 1st edition? Can I please get a quote first, shipped to the Netherlands? :)

Someone beat you to it by a few hours! D: Sorry. :(

zoroark and krookodile holo cards available?

Yup! If you want them, give me a ZIP code so I can quote you. :)

can i get regigigas EX to 43026?

WIth pleasure! :D Total is $11.05 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com and make sure to put your username and item(s) bought in memo! :D

Could I get a Tepig Zukan (hopefully with a not hideous paint job) to 26003? :3

Sure thing! $9 to payments@jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com and make sure to put the item bought and username in subject line! :D

And I will do my best to pick you out a nicely painted set, but they're all sealed; I will do my best, though. :)

Just wondering, how much would a pikachu, Zoroark, and zekrom kids be to 02840?

It'd be $13.50 ($6 Zekrom + $4 Zoroark + Free Pikachu + $3.50 shipping and fees) to payments@jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com and make sure to put the item bought and username in subject line! :D

(Deleted comment)
Total would be $12.06 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com if you'd like them! ($2+$2+$2+$5.34 Shipping+Fees) Make sure to put your username and items bought in memo! :D

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Quote for liepard zukan with karrablast kid to 84319 :)
And also a quote with karrablast and shelmet kids please (trying to decide if i want more kids or the zukan lol)

Liepard Zukan/Karrablast Kid: $16.07 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com
Karrablast/Shelmet Kids: $11.05 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com

Please send the amount you want with your username/items bought in the memo/subject please! :D

How much would just a Pikachu kid be to 92307?

$4.56 to payments@jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com with the item bought and username in the subject line! :D

Could I get a Mienfoo, Zoroark and Pikachu kids to Canada, please?

Total is:

$3 Mienfoo
$3 Zoroark
Free Pikachu
$3.30 Shipping to Canada

+$0.67 Fees

Total is $9.97 to payments@jandjsimonenterprises(dot)com please with the subject containing username and items bought! Thanks! :D

Can I get a quote for Golett ($2), Golurk ($2), Haxorus ($3.50), Gothorita ($3.50), Landorus ($3), Tornadus ($3), Thundurus ($3), Hydreigon ($6) and a free Klinklang to 57702?

$31.10 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises.com

How much for the Non FA KyuremEX to Australia?

$12.32 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises.com


Is the Zebstrika attack kid still available? to US 19355

It's $8.23 to payments(at)jandjsimonenterprises.com